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Trudy Duty

March 14, 2012 by admin

Animal story #3,650.  Jenny was coming back from Bakersfield a week ago (which is weird enough in itself) but we have a friend Mendy who drag races and Jenny went to see her race so there you have it.  While driving around Bakersfield, she sees a limping puppy about to head straight onto the road.  She and her friends stop the car, call to the puppy and  she limps straight over to the car, jumps in and starts licking everyone.   Skipping over the last week and a half of dog stories, Trudy, as she’s been annointed, has been diagnosed with a broken elbow and will be having surgery in the next week.  The doctor said she’s been living with it like this for some time, is in pain but you’d never know it, she’s 6 months old, underweight but otherwise healthy and is going to be fine.  Jenny will be fostering her until we find the right home.  She’s an absolute love and it’s been a pleasure to be on Trudy duty.  It’s also helped to take my mind off the 9 year old Chinese girl who just gave birth to a baby…



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