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Weather or not you want to

February 29, 2012 by admin

I’m telling you just yesterday I was sitting outside in my bikini bottoms and t-shirt trying to both scare my neighbors AND increase the amount of brown spots on my body because it was warm people.  This is LA and temperatures in the 70’s during any period of winter is normal.  The very next day the clouds parted in sheer force and did the storm come (that should have been said in English accent in honour of my favorite show, Downton Abbey).  Jenny had the day off and we had already been hit by hail walking near my house, which is just plain crazy, so we figured the smart thing to do was to put the dogs in the car and head up to the Angeles Forest where we’d find the eye of the storm.  It’s only a 35 minute drive up there when we see snow and more hail and the ranger tells us we can’t go further without chains so we turn back a mile to Switzer Canyon and take a little hike.  This is what happens 5 minutes later…





And this is what you get as a reward for braving the cold…Can your barista do this??


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