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Tennis Anyone?

October 18, 2009 by admin

Doug Baker eat your heart out.  This weekend concluded the Shanghai Masters ATP Tennis tournament and Ken and I were able to go to the quarter and semi-final matches.  The final match played yesterday was between Nadal and Davydenko with Davydenko winning!  I was rah rahing for Nadal because quirks and all (and boy does he have ’em) I just love him and his flaring nostrils too.  However, props to Davydenko who was channeling his inner Vladimir Putin and was playing truly incredible tennis.

Djokovic Serving


Nadal vs. Ljubicic


Lopez in his match with Nadal (Lopez just happened to get an ouwy while getting hammered by Nadal and the match was cut short).




Vladimir Putin on his Siberian vacation (how MUCH do you love this photo?!)

putin vacation

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