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Trypto (not a) phan

November 28, 2011 by admin

Thanksgiving was 5 days ago and I’ve still got the sleepies, I’m a sluggish mess.   It was a fun party though, we celebrated this grand American holiday with 2 Americans, 5 Australians, 1 Greek and an Italian.  The Greek made a carrot cake which will be attached to my thighs for the rest of my life. Damn him and his evil baking skills.

I could also be tired because my friend Jeannie was here visiting and we basically left no stone unturned, or better, spit pile.  We even went up the Pearl Tower where you can walk out onto a glass floor high up in the air while the strong winds make you feel like you’re going to be sucked out, plunging hundreds of feet to your death.  But the best part was the elevator ride down.  You basically wait in this large area with no queue and then when the elevator arrives about 95 Chinese people come pushing behind you until your face is smashed up against the side of the elevator wall where if I could have moved my head slightly I would have been able to read the sign that says “Maximum Capacity 12”.  Jeannie was even lucky enough to get felt up by a very large German tourist, so it was all worth it really.  We rode around town on the Scooteretta (where Jeannie recited 3 Hail Mary’s en Espanol), paid a visit to Amy at Bell bar, lost Bernie AGAIN in Moganshan as he chased a chicken down the mountain, walked Yu Gardens, Bund, Shanghai Museum, M50, went to scout out elderly men walking around in the winter Jammies, but most importantly downed some cocktails at El Coctel and then watched the Vietnamese band at Luna singing everything from Hotel California to Hell’s Bells.  Normal stuff.

It was a great time Jeannie!!






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