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October 14, 2011 by admin

Rockbund Art Museum.

The newest installation to open at RAM is the amusing, thought-provoking and itchy work of artist, Zhang Huan titled, Q Confucius.  Here the artist uses Confucius, “a symbol representative of Eastern and moral and political thinking”, to question how we coexist in harmony with fellow humans and nature in this age of technological development and rapidly evolving social interaction.

The work is installed among 4 floors of the beautiful and old architecture of RAM each offering a different use of material and craft…and it’s “itchy” because it also includes live monkeys and termites (sometimes I wish they’d just leave the animals out of it, you know?).

This exhibition will be on from now until January 29, 2012.  For more info visit RAM

These photos do not do this exhibition justice at all, I never said I was a good photographer, well maybe I did once.

This bigger than life Confucius (pun intended) was stunningly large and detailed, including beating heart.  The top of a person’s head may only reach the tip of his nose.

This work consists of an historical photograph and incense ash

This piece has motion-censored robotics which move the figure around most interestingly and is surrounded by a two-story cage to hold the monkeys

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