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Here’s the deal

September 22, 2011 by admin

To my people all over the world (read, 3 family members in California),

This old gal is getting married next weekend.  That’s right, you heard me.  However, I would like to add that since I started using my Lancome, “Visionaire” (feel free to say that with French flair, “Veeeezonaaaaaire!”) I DO look like I’m 6 months younger, maybe 7.  I swear, I look good y’all.  I mean not that good, because I’m not sleeping worrying about canapes, house wine and if the boning inside in my wedding dress is going to hold up and if that wasn’t enough, in my dreams last night I actually married a…what’s that thing called with a horses behind and a man’s head???  I can’t remember shit anymore with studying Mandarin, trying to plan a wedding, writing for an expat magazine, drinking large amounts of wine to ease the pain of crossing the street in Shanghai, having Chinese people laugh at you while you pick up your dogs poop…CENTAUR!  It just came to me.  Now, what was I talking about???

Look, here’s the deal.  I have lots of stuff to say about China…kids being stuffed in cars, paraffin wax found in rice, my favorite parking attendant who likes Starbucks muffins, the security guard who helps me feed the cats and the nail girl who just got a tatoo on her neck, but right now I just don’t have the time to write about that.  Davey, the sweetest kitten ever,  is flying to LA with me on Sunday and our friend Liz is going to give him a great new home and after that I’m going to become Mrs. Wong in a beautiful wedding at La Quinta Resort, our sweet aging beauty in the California desert, I was talking about the hotel people, not me.

Until then, enjoy your October holiday.  If you’re not in China, then get back to work!

Peace and love.

Even in the wedding he’s forced to carry her bag

Jenny’s Bridesmaid’s dress?

Sadly, they won’t be able to attend…

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