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What I look like on the inside…

September 13, 2011 by admin

This past weekend was Shanghai’s annual contemporary arts festival at the Shanghai Exhibition Center (a very large Russian building which makes you feel very Moscow  circa 1939) and it was just wonderful this year.  I especially love the exhibits of the Tina Keng Gallery of Beijing, all of the artists she featured were amazing.

The piece in this photo was done entirely in tiny nails and features a scene from the Song Dynasty.

And speaking of art, I was in Hong Kong a week ago to celebrate the opening of my friend Emily’s gallery/design Shop, DEEM.  It’s such a cool space and they did a lovely job.  Currently DEEM is featuring the local artist, Yeung Tong Lung’s work and will soon be offering home pieces of their own design and other artists.  Very cool stuff.

But cooler than anything is her daughter Audrey who just turned 3, Happy Birthday Audrey!!

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