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That was no UFO

August 30, 2011 by admin

That was a 3 x 4ft. piece of marble tile that came flying off our building and crashing to the ground.  I didn’t even know about it until I saw what looked like one 80 yr. old man and two 12 yr. old boys hanging from our building outside, with a very large glue gun, “securing” the other marble tiles to the side of the building and when I questioned our building management about it they simply said, “don’t use your garden for a week”.  I’m like,

A. Why didn’t you tell me this a week ago when it happened

B.  Why are two youngs boys and their great grandfather doing such an enormous and important job??

C. I hope your using Super Glue this time!

I mean, where ARE the priorities around here???  I have mine!  Like, when I recently read about how alcohol consumption (in large amounts) can contribute to the skin sagging around the jawline I have made it a priority to not stop drinking but to find a darn good surgeon, come on people!!

Anyway, I was telling Ken that while danger seems to be surrounding us at every corner, I could live here 20 years and nothing would happen…it will be when we move back to quiet Pasadena that some old lady will take me out with her 1985 Cadillac.   Could even be my own mother.

Where Can the Children Play?  (as sung by Cat Stevens)


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