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“Spring” Water

August 24, 2011 by admin

While grocery shopping at the (very expat) Anfu Lu Market where I’m about to pick up a few bottles of Vitamin Water (yes, the sugar water that made 50 cent very rich), I notice it actually says Victory Vitamin Water.  It’s the exact same font, label, colors and the store had even put it in the Vitamin Water display case!!  But when you turn to the back it reads from Nongfu Spring water.   If you’ve spent any time in China you know that Nongfu Spring water means it’s basically fresh from the well of toxic waste and lead poisoning.   And to think I almost fell for it…damn they’re getting good.   Speaking of look-a-likes, shortly after that while browsing through the store a clerk girl came up to me and said, “lady!  here your chicken breast”.  I was like, “um, bu yao” and then she realized she gave it to the wrong expat shopper and when I saw this woman with her blond-highlighted hair in a ponytail, sun dress and flip flops, I suddenly realized we expat women really DO all look alike.  We’re at all times carrying either a yoga mat or baby (sometimes both), drinking large amounts of wine at lunch or  wishing we hadn’t bought that ill-fitting clothing at the fabric market.   At least I have dogs to separate me from the pack a little bit, pun intended.

I went a dinner party hosted by, an online grocery store that carefully sources all kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables, breads as well as an onsite kitchen where they prepare fresh food daily for delivery.  It’s such a great resource and the dinner party was really fun and delicious.

Here’s one of the dishes they served, it’s cute, yes, but I don’t think I like my bird (shrimpbird) staring me in the face…


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