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August 3, 2011 by admin

Musing Mandarin will be away for a few weeks in California wine country working on my arm muscles…the muscles that bring the wine glass to the lips that is.   I will be making the most of drinking those luscious reds that don’t have a 30% added chinese tax on them.  Yipeee!  And every evening, while in my foggy wine haze, I will toast to our dear, sweet, Sick Kitty who’s no longer sick but going to be a big, healthy boy soon enough!  He made it through his surgery with flying colors (including a 3 1/2 inch line of bright blue stitches down his abdomen).  He’s breathing freely, his intestine’s are no longer pressing against his lungs and the two holes in his diaphragm are sown up.  He’s HAPPY and moving around like never before!  He can even purr now and does it all day.  I will now be referring to him as Davey, (as in Davey and Goliath fame) and in a few months he will come back to California with me and bask in the California sunshine.  Life is good.

The yoga ladies out for a drink at Morton’s in Pudong (Natalie, how many can you name??)

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