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Cup Runneth Over

July 27, 2011 by admin

Or maybe not.

I’ve been traveling for just a bit so when I returned to Shanghai I went straight to Shanghai Daily News to catch up on what’s been going on in what my mother calls “Chiner”.  In between the coverage of the devastating Wenzhou train crash and the recovery of 89 children who were victims of human trafficking, was this important news story.

B-CUP bras, especially black ones, are the best-selling bras on, China’s largest online shopping platform, the company revealed yesterday.  Statistics showed more than 41 percent of all the 739,966 bras sold via were B-cup.

A regional disparity can also be seen as most B-cup and larger bras were bought by customers in north China, while buyers with ID registered in south China opted for smaller sizes.  Moreover, said males accounted for more than 20 percent of the bra buyers, indicating they cared for their spouses or girlfriends.

Riiiiight.  Since we’re on the subject of brassieres…

A group of us went to see Dolly Parton perform to a sold-out crowd at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend and it was just deeevine.  She sang old songs, new songs, played the guitar, saxophone, flute, banjo, the best digital piano and some other thing that sits on your lap and has strings. Everything she wore, played or touched seemed to be covered in rhinestones, crystals, sequins and fringe, she made Mariah Carey seem blingless.  She told stories about growing up in the Smokey Mountains with her 11 siblings, repeated her favorite line, “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap” and joked about her hair being from KOrea.  It was so good I’m not even going to complain about her singing “Islands in the Stream”, my least favorite song of all time.   Can someone explain to me what those two islands were doing in the STREAM??!  Anyway, should you now get that song stuck in your head like Jenny and I did, just start singing “working nine…to…five, that’s no way to make a livin'” and it will soon be gone.

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