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I have this friend…

June 28, 2011 by admin

I’ve talked about her before, she’s Chinese and lives in my complex, 17 yrs. old, wants to go to an American University when she graduates and her mother wanted her to have an American friend to discuss things with.  I guess there weren’t any American girls her age around here so she got stuck with good ‘ol Aunt Marie.  She asks me questions about America and it’s colleges and I tell her the important things like how 90% of the students from the top schools are either drunk or hungover through most of it (i.e.George Bush) but they still manage to pass with honors and go on to big jobs on Wall Street where they will continue to rape and pillage through our financial system or they’ll run for Senator…or both.

But I digress…this girl, I’ll call her Kiwi (because that’s her name) is extremely smart and hardworking, she just got her SAT2 scores back and didn’t miss ONE question.  I know. When I first met Kiwi, I was afraid  it might be one of those “tiger mom” situations and got frightened the mother might try to interrogate me or even beat me.  But then I realized no good tiger mom would let their child spend time with me in the first place (childless and in my 40’s, no career to speak of, loves dogs too much and drinks wine like she’s part of the Medici family).   AND, I’ve since had dinner with her parents several times and they are just the most wonderful people.  Which brings me to the Yang Mei Berries.  Kiwi’s mother is the gift that keeps on giving.  She sends over chocolates, black glutinous rice, moon cakes, tea, Hermes perfume (swear to god) and only the best.  So when my door bell rang and her Ayi dropped off a basket of goods it was no surprise.   This basket contained Yang Mei berries which I’d seen in the stores recently because it’s their season but had never tried them.  I immediately took several out, rinsed them, ate them and thought they were the most delicious berry I’ve ever had.  About 10 minutes later I received a text from Kiwi making sure that before I eat them I must first soak them in salt water so the worms come out.  I was like, TOO late lady Jane, I’ve just eaten 10 of them!  Anyway, they truly are the most amazing thing ever, especially AFTER you soak them.

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