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June 23, 2011 by admin

Probably the worst part of being an expat is that you miss your family…and I actually LIKE my family, so it’s hard sometimes.  My best friend and sister, Jenny, is turning 50 this weekend and will be celebrating with her friends in Palm Springs and I will have to miss it.  Dang it all.

Dear Jenny,

I love you.  I love you because you were the kind of tiny little girl who managed to put a chair in front of the fridge, climb it and get to that chocolate cake mom was hiding from you.  I love you because when we were in Rome and heading out for the evening, you said “I’m tired, let’s not stay out late” and two glasses of champagne later I couldn’t peel you off the dance floor.  I love you because you are so beautiful and charming that when a particular hotel owner fell for you, he gave ME free margaritas.  I love you because when I had foot surgery and was in pain, you brought me a scotch to wash down my vicodin and then said, “wanna dance a little?”.   I love you because when we’re body surfing and the waves get too big and scare you, you want to hold my hand when we dive down under them. I love you because you are a beautiful singer and you once had a party and Michael Stipe came and made me a martini.   I love you because you love nature and animals and taught me to do the same and we’ve hiked so many wonderful places together with our dogs (the snowy Rio Grande trail!). Lastly, the one thing I don’t love about you is that you’re my older sister but you look SO MUCH YOUNGER!

Happy Birthday Jenny, you’re the best sister ever!!

And your little dog too!

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