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Bartering turns violent at “Fake Market”

June 21, 2011 by admin

Do not shop at the Nanjing Lu “Fake Market”!!!   First let me say this was told to me by my friend who has lived in China for 21 years and her sons were both raised here their entire life and speak as fluently as any local person.

Her son and two of their friends (who are all very tall, big 19 year olds) were walking around the Fake Market when they saw an American or possibly Canadian woman, speaking loudly with a local shop keeper over a purse.  She was bartering and the price was too high so she said she didn’t want the bag.  The shop keeper told her “you’re shit!” and then flipped her off (I’m glad we were able to teach the locals our more pleasant habits).  The woman then gave the shopkeeper the bird right back at which point he slapped her across the face so hard she fell on the floor.  The boys ran over to help her as did another expat woman, where the man then picked up a stool and went over to charge at the other female expat.   The other shopkeepers got involved telling the man to use the back stairs and get out of the building and then turned on the boys threatening them that they better not start any trouble.  They got out of the building as fast as they could, as did the woman who got hit.

So here is my first and last lecture on this subject.  The “fake market” is actually a COUNTERFEIT market.  It’s full of goods that are cheaply copied with stolen trademarked logos that are illegal in the Western part of the world (for good reason) and usually made in sweatshops run by bad people so that locals and Expats (who can typically afford the real items mind you) can look bitchin’ in front of their friends.   Except now you might get slapped in the face for not paying enough for your so-called fake item.  BE REAL people.

There, I got that off my chest.


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