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June 14, 2011 by admin

I don’t know if it was the 3-day-old piece of Tiramisu cake I ate for lunch or reading this news from Shanghai Daily that is causing great pain in the pit of my stomach.   Before I tell you the story though I want to say that I had been staring that cake in the face for sometime now and had no problem simply shutting the door on it.  So why today, all that time later, I had to eat it is beyond me.  It’s like it sprouted arms and was pulling my face into it.  Weird.

But weirder than that…“SWARMS of termites resistant to normal pesticides swept across downtown Shanghahi yesterday, bringing misery to householders and businesses.” Shanghai Daily reports.

“I was startled to see so many termites flying into my face in a supermarket on Zhenning Road,” 27-year-old Jing’an resident Kevin Zhou said yesterday evening. It Gets better…“But when I came out, there were thousands of them flying and crawling under every light and neon sign along the street.” Is your stomach hurting yet??? Meanwhile, Alex Dong, a 31-year-old from Hongkou District, told Shanghai Daily that she had been terrified to see hundreds of termites marching into her room in an old building on Yulin Road. “My father sprayed water on them but that didn’t seem to work,” Dong continued, “I don’t know whether these ugly insects will tear down the old building. There’s more… “Another termite control worker surnamed Liu with Zhongxin Environment Protection Co advised residents not to spray normal pesticides on the insects.  They have become immune to these and spraying them would only drive them into nooks and crannies where they would produce more offspring, he said.  Short of calling in the professionals, Liu suggested residents who suffer from termites turn off all the lights at home, leaving only a flashlight next to a bowl of water.  “Ideally, the termites will be attracted by the light, crawl into the water and drown,” said Liu.

These termites are pretty fascinating.  They are immune to pesticides, they like to march and are able to tear down large buldings but cannot swim in a small bowl of water.

Alas, some pretty things in Shanghai

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