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Xiao Mao

June 9, 2011 by admin

It’s that time of year when all the unspayed cats give birth and so Shanghai is bustling with kittens.  Our complex has a favorite cat because this particular cat isn’t afraid of people or dogs and will come up to anyone for a scratch on the head.  It was no surprise then when she recently gave birth to 5 adorable kittens that all the worker’s, expats and children came together to take care of them.  A “home” was made for them and there is always plenty of food, water, love and attention.  About a week ago another kitten, somewhat older, joined them out of the blue and was happily adopted by the entire brood.  I noticed today, however that this kitten’s stomach was going in and out in a rather unusual and rapid way so I asked Zhai to drive me to the local animal hospital because it’s close by and they could take him right away.   They ran a few tests and then said he would need some X-rays (Odd side note: The technician led me to the X-ray room and then instructed Zhai and I on how to hold the kitten in place on the machine while he walked behind the protective wall and took the picture!  He ended up taking 3 X-rays so if an arm grows out of my hip or all my hair falls out, you’ll know why).

Unfortunately, they told me they don’t think this kitten is going to make it.  If he was older they could try a surgical procedure but he’s just too young.  As soon as I got him back in the car he fell asleep in my arms and I criiiiied like a baby.  I placed him back in his “house” with the other kittens and they were so happy to see him.  At least he won’t be alone.  It’s also possible that hospital doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about and I exposed myself to radiation for no good reason.  Will keep you posted.

Here he is lying on top of the smaller kittens, keeping them cozy while they sleep.

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