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May 1, 2011 by admin

You people are too young to know this, but (hold on to your seats here) there was a time when there was no internet. I know,  just breathe.  I just felt all your jaws drop and make a big clunking sound of disbelief so loud that Bernie started shaking, but it’s true.  Google it (or if you’re in China you’ll have to Yahoo it).  And back in those dark, dark ages before the internet, when we’d hunt for our food with a bow and arrow, make dresses out of braided corn husks and I wore a bear’s claw on a choker around my neck, the ESC button on our keyboards USED TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.  I swear it did.  In Ye Olden Times, you’d be working away and hit the wrong button and find your computer in some weird state of confusion where you’re about to lose all your work and you’d simply hit the ESC and all would be well in the world again.  Now, it doesn’t do squat.  I think they just keep it on the keyboard for old people like me to hit every now and then when we get frustrated, when we can’t take it anymore…like, when life’s just too hard and we need to ESC.

It’s a holiday this weekend, yet again, not sure why, maybe it’s Mao’s cousin’s sister on his dad’s side birthday or something, but regardless Shanghai has been amazingly peaceful and quiet (and by peaceful and quiet I mean, this city of more than 18 million people is down to about 15 million) and so we took off on our bikes for a little escape.

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