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Expat Wives of Shanghai, Episode 3

April 15, 2011 by admin

Realizing she’d taken her last Xanax…just last night…Jen called Parkway Health to get an appointment for another prescription.  Construction had started on the apartment next door and her nerves were frail, “I’m like a hummingbird caught in the middle of a Chinese New Year’s fireworks celebration”, she thought to herself.  “Sorry, we booked today, doctor see you tomorrow afternoon”, the office assistant told her.  “But you don’t understand, this construction has been going on for a month now and I’m about to lose my mind!”, Jen said, her voice starting to quiver, “I work out of my home, I can’t concentrate, are you listening to me?  I’m a real BLOGGER”.  “I’m sorry madam, we fully booked, you at 4pm tomorrow”, a hard SLAM was the last thing the young girl heard.

Over at the Bund, Trinny was taking in the views on the Huangpu River with her friend from London, Peony.  “I can’t believe how these Chinese girls can walk all over the place in those heels??  My feet are killing me and the driver’s just barely dropped us off!”, whimpered Peony.  Trinny already tiring of the two solid days they’ve spent together suggests they stop for a refreshment.  “Pee, let’s jump across the street to that Dolce & Gabana Bar and get a cold martini, I know for sure that they use real Grey Goose there”.  “Lovely idea darling, it’s hot and this humidity is really putting my Brazilian Blowout to the test, we can always go to the  Rock Bund exhibit tomorrow, I’ll wear flats…and my hair in a chignon”, huffed Peony as she tried to avoid 20 scooters coming her way. Trinny, now annoyed, had promised her friend Liza, the gallery curator,  she’d stop  by this afternoon to view the latest Li Xun installation.  This highly acclaimed exhibit featured robotic monkeys who could not only light, but smoke cigarettes which had ancient  Chinese sayings handpainted on them by the children who lost their homes in the Chengdu earthquake.    However, as they brought her the third martini, with three enormous olives stuffed with blue cheese, she again found herself laughing and enjoying the company of her old mate.

Stay tuned for Episode 4 when Eliza, Gib, Danka, Tslinka and BinBin throw Malina a going away party with a “whirling dervish” theme.

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