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April 6, 2011 by admin

you just have to say Phuket.  The cold weather in Shanghai was getting to us and it was the Chinese holiday, Qing Ming, or “tomb sweeping” holiday when the Chinese honor their ancestors and visit and clean the tombs.   Not having any ancestors in China (that I know of) we went to Phuket (poo kett), Thailand to enjoy the balmy, warm beach air, amazing Thai food and the wonderful and welcoming Thai people.

Our first day it was actually cloudy and rainy but still warm so we decided to take the hotel bikes and ride around some of the island.  While Ken was checking out the bikes I picked up the map and was reading some “riding guidelines” to pass the time.  A few guidelines were:

1. It is recommended bike riders wear helmuts for safety.

2. Always carry water to prevent dehydration.

3. If you should come across Water Buffalo, do not approach them as they can charge.

Why, why, WHY did I have to read that???  Because of course as we were riding on a dirt path, in the rain,  we came across one very large female Water Buffalo and her two very large children.  We stopped right in our tracks.  She looked at us and we looked at her, it was a stare down and I know very well you’re not supposed to look an animal in the eyes.  If you don’t understand why then try having a stare contest with Bernie and see what happens.  As I started to peddle in the opposite direction, a motorcycle came through the bush and drove right past the buffalo so Ken shouted to me that we should just do the same, but just be sure to look down and not into her eyes and ride quickly.  With my heart racing, I started peddling, literally leaving Ken in the dust.  I don’t think I’ve ever ridden that fast in my life (note to friends and family: don’t count on my help in an emergency).   The rest of the days were filled with sun, swimming in the ocean and playing tennis in the heat and humidity where I got so overheated I almost lost my cookies on the court.  Good times.

Mai Khao Beach

The evening’s entertainment

The “door” to the pool

Our room’s “greeter”

Very relaxed tootsies

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