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March 16, 2011 by admin

I love avocados.  I love them so much that if I meet someone and they’re like, “I don’t like avocado, it’s a texture thing, I guess”, it’s really hard for me to like them.  For some reason I have forgiveness for those who don’t like olives but the avocado thing runs very deep.  So imagine my anger and disappointment when I bought three hard avocados (for what seemed like a million dollars at City Shop),  put them in a dark place to ripen, only to find them bruised, still somewhat hard and horrible tasting.  Because I sometimes don’t learn things right away, I did the same thing again at another store and the SAME THING HAPPENED.  I’m not asking for home-made guacamole here people, I just wanted to put a few squares in a salad.  There’s always the “avocado lady” on Wulumuqi Lu but I don’t always have the time or determination to get over there, okay??

I’m just trying to be light-hearted for a moment because like you, I have been glued to the news watching the devastation of an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear radiation just hammer the people of Japan.  My god.  I don’t know what else to say except…prayers.  And find a place where you can donate money or time because they badly need it.

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