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Expat Wives of Shanghai, Episode 2

March 12, 2011 by admin

Svetlana has found herself yet again attending the Ladies of Britain Expat Club’s, Tuesday night drink fest at Yesterdays Pub.   “How zey can eat dis bad food without washing first down wiz vodka?!!”,  she wondered to herself, “and dis champagne give me headhurting”.    Spotting Trinny by the front door, Svetlana rushes over, “Trinny, I must go now, too much bubbly”.   “Oh that’s too bad darling, we’re just getting started.  We’re planning on heading over to Glamour Bar to give those Shanghainese girls a run for their money on the dance floor!   Dear, before I forget we’re organizing a trip to the fur market next week for our pillow-making class.  Everyone’s doing Fur pillows this winter”.   As she’s heading out the door Svetlana yells goodbye and answers, “I already have polar bear pillows from Siberian market, and I don’t like sew, zanks”.

Trinny heads over to join Jen and Pipi, “that Svetlana is a dear but did you see those shoes?!  She must be shopping  at Yu Gardens again!?”.   “Yes, I truly like her as well but she’s a whopping clod in our Yogalatis class, my lord”, adds Pipi while gulping down her Black and Tan like it was St. Patrick’s day.  Jen, feeling left out as usual, nurses her annoyance with another Gin Twist.  “Fu wu yuan, FU WU YUAN!  Oh why did they pick the hardest word for waitress!  It’s so annoying!”.   “Honestly darling, what has gotten your knickers in a knot these days??”, Trinny chimes in trying to break the tension.  “em, well, I told Carlton I was thinking of heading back to Cornwall for a week because I wanted to discuss a facelift with a good doctor there and he said without a second to waste,  ‘Go ahead dear, that’s fine with me’…now why would he say that??”.   Not one to hold things back Pipi adds, “well he’s either being extremely supportive love, or he’s got his eye on that nanny you just hired, hehehe!”.

Stayed tuned for the next episode where Jen follows Xie Li down Huai Hai LU where she stops at a lingerie store.

Dum, Dum DUM!

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