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Sex and the City

March 5, 2011 by admin

Well, it ain’t exactly the stylish tale of women drinking cosmos and pummeling the streets of the big apple but…

The mistresses of China have been gathering steam, so to speak, promoting their cause so that the people of the PRC will finally acknowledge that they have rights too!!!  The website and online forum (which has just been “removed” from the internet as of yesterday) was formed and operated by “China’s Association for Mistresses”.   Here, they could share ideas, experiences and air their briefs, I mean beefs, on the challenges of being financially supported by married men.  The topics most discussed focused on shopping, how much money they receive monthly, gifts, breast enhancement and even offering tips on how to be “witty” and “sexy”.  It’s even been reported that 1/3 of China’s consumption of luxury products goes to mistresses.   Shanghai Daily reports, “Mistresses love luxury brands because they are living insecure lives and have to display that their men are dedicated to them, while men purchase expensive gifts to demonstrate their affection”.

Well it’s a good thing the Chinese are keeping sales up at those luxury houses, because the expat women love buying the fake stuff.  Go figure.

On a different note, if you were ever wondering why Paris Hilton sometimes has cleavage, this Chinese commercial has the answer!

Insta Cleavage

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