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Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

January 28, 2011 by admin

It’s time to get out your most serious earplugs because Chinese New Year is almost here!  This last week was so busy everywhere in the city with everyone getting their last minute shopping done, gifts for family and friends…and getting their hair cut.  Ken found out you’re not supposed to cut your hair the first two weeks of February, bad luck or something.  The weather has been really cold and dry which is perfect to hang your salted fish and poultry meat out in your window which you can see all over town.  I’m going to try this with salmon next year (when in Rome).  I’m all prepared for the fireworks as I’ve picked up a solid supply of doggie valium for Bernie and the number for a good psychiatrist for afterwards, shellshockitis I think it’s called.

It’s Saturday here now and the city has already gone quiet.  Millions of people are traveling home to see their jia ren (family).  The Shanghainese will stay put of course, eating and sharing gifts with their families, laughing and chatting…and setting off what will seem like a small nuclear bombs all over town.

Happy New Year everyone!  Peace and Love.

This was taken outside of a fresh fish shop, where they “clean” and skin them outside.  (not hungry anymore)

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