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Year of the Wabbit

January 19, 2011 by admin

2011 is the year of the Rabbit, so says the Chinese calendar and it would appear that way as it seems like everyone I know here is pregnant.  I just hope the rabbit fares better than the Tiger did last year…not a good year for Tiger’s in China.  I remember when I was young it was very popular to have a rabbit’s foot key chain.  It was all soft and furry on the outside and then you could feel the hard toenails inside, it’s so disgusting to think about now, carrying that around like a charm.  That’s just such Davey Crockett weirdness.

On a more lovely note, it’s just a winter wonderland over here in Shanghai, it’s absolutely beautiful.  We woke up this morning and everything was covered in white and It’s supposed to snow for the next 3 days!!!  It seems to put a smile on everyone’s face, except those on bicycles, which is probably somewhere around 8 million people actually.  I went to the market today and passed several adorable Xue Ren (snow men) and kids hauling snowballs at each other.  Some things are the same everywhere.

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