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What in angels and demons hell…

January 17, 2011 by admin

I took this picture while in Rome this past New Year’s.  It was taken from the top of Castel San’t Angelo, a interesting and beautiful place…with a checkered, historical past.  It was once a dynastic tomb, than a fortress, a noble dwelling, a papal residence and in between that it served as barracks, a prison and a museum.   This statue sits at the top and can been seen from around Rome, it’s just an amazing place.

And what does this have to do with China???  Not a damn thing except that it started me thinking about all the changes this place has been through and yet the beliefs, superstitions…their way of doings things or not doing things…have been around forever.  How you’re not supposed to drink cold water in winter and you should do lower heart-rate exercises like Tai chi when it’s cold.  Older woman don’t like to wear yellow, money only comes in red envelopes, the number 8 is lucky, 4 not so much.  And when somebody sneezes you don’t have to say anything, absolutely nothing.  “God bless you” or “gazoontite” doesn’t really translate (sorry Natalie, I was too lazy to look up the real spelling of that and anyway, it’s snowing outside and the Chinese wouldn’t want me to waste my energy).

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