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You never forget your first

December 19, 2010 by admin


It was a Friday night, 10pm, and we jump into a taxi where it’s obvious in the first few seconds the driver is drunk.  I know this because I was tipsy too as we had just left a wine bar (but I swear his eyes were more red than mine).   When entering a Chinese taxi one always plans on a bit of white-knuckling, the possibility of at least two whiplashing stops and a cigarette ash in the eye but this particular taxi driver was INSANE by even Shanghai standards.  He was screaming at everyone in front of him, passing other cars by entering oncoming traffic…I could go on and on.   So at a stop light, we jumped out and continued on foot.  It didn’t take long for the taxi driver to come after us and I was surprised at how fast the little drunk could run but this was a situation about  money afterall.  After some back and forth bickering (I have to say that French wine I had really unleashed some good Mandarin out of me) it didn’t take long before we had 10 other Shanghainese in the mix offering their take on the situation.  Anyone who’s spent time in China can attest that the Chinese looooove a situation, anytime, anywhere.  It’s like Mrs. Cravitz on crack.  It’s like dropping a ritz cracker near an ant hole.  It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet, oh you get the picture.  Anymindyourownbusinesshoo, with the “help” of our judge and jury, we paid the taxi driver and took down his driver number information.  We reported him to the taxi company who said they found the driver and when they discussed the situation with him he responded, “I don’t remember this”.

I rest my case.  and I should stick to riding the Scooteretta, oddly, it’s probably safer.

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