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“me thinks thee doth protest too much”

December 1, 2010 by admin

Oh my gosh, when are they going to learn.

A sixth grader from Beijing was conducting a study for his science class where he tested several types of mushrooms purchased at local food stands for particular chemicals.  While doing these tests he found that 90% of the mushrooms were tainted with “flourescent brightener”, a compound used to make the mushrooms stay fresher and look brighter.  Fluorescent brighteners are used in the paper and textile industries to make colors brighter and whites whiter.  The article states, “Fluorescent brightener is a chemical additive which is strictly forbidden in food…The chemical will harm people’s health and some kinds of the brightener may produce cancer”.   This boy’s tests were backed by microbiologist Gao Ruifang, of China Agricultural University, “who called the pupil’s method 100 percent reliable”.  But the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau (read People with Egg on their Faces) said the experiment and the results were “not scientific”.

Well I guess that settles that.

On a “brighter” note, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

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