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Beautiful Country People

October 5, 2009 by admin

Zhong Guo Ren is the Mandarin name for Chinese people and literally translates as “middle country people”.  The Mandarin name for American people is Mei Guo Ren, “beautiful country people”.  Can you believe that?  Isn’t that the sweetest?!!  I mean, we DO have a beautiful country, but spend one hour in line at Disneyland staring at the people in front of you and it’s easy to forget that we have a beautiful country.  Anyway, a high-five to the Chinese for that.  Here are just a few things I’ve noticed and love about the Chinese.  For example, they’re smart.  The kids are reallllly smart.  They already know their tea is hot so they don’t need a warning stamped on their paper cup.  They know there are cracks and loose tiles in the sidewalk, hanging electrical wires and quite possibly an open man-hole that would plunge them into sewer water that would kill a small animal on contact.  Do they call their attorney?  Do they blame the tree root that grew too big and pushed the sidewalk up and file a suit against the district?  No, they take responsibility and proceed with (a little) caution and live their lives and keep moving forward.  They also use and reuse everything so as not to waste a thing.  Now if only I can get them to let dogs in the parks…

Here’s Bernie trying to sneak in a little grass time


Shanghai’s version of the Wholefood’s Roasted Chicken


Where I’ll be taking my vegetarian sister to eat everyday…


Another thing I love about China…


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