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“…and throw in a pinch of salt”

November 23, 2010 by admin

You know, I try to keep this blog politics free.  I want it to be light and funny with as many dog entries as any one human being can take.   However when you live in China, or any other foreign country, different things go on and sometimes you just have to talk about it.   For instance the current talk at the water cooler (read my apartment complex) is that our phones are bugged.  For sure there is always this clicking on the line when you first connect and sometimes I just want to ask them if they need more time before I begin my conversation.  Anyway, if this is true, god help the person who has to listen in on my conversations with my mother.  Sometimes I’m expecting a Chinese voice to come over the line saying, “geezuz ladies, enough of this talk about BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!”  or “how many dog stories are you going to tell the old lady!, GET A JOB, LOSER!”.   Believe me, If I was fluent in Mandarin don’t think I wouldn’t be first in line to get the job where I could listen in on people’s phone conversations.  I’m dying to know just what all these Shanghainese women are going on and on and on about.  There are some chatty Chen’s here.

Ahem, and now there’s this renewed tension going on across the water…you know, the hullabaloo going on in orthnay oreakay.  Hellooooo, it’s like an hour’s flight from here so you tend to get a bit more involved when it’s that close to home.   I’m hoping Hu Jintao or our buddy Wen can step in, offer a good meal, followed by shot after shot of Baijiu and when Kim wakes up at noon the next day with his head in the toilet forgets why  he was mad in the first place.  I don’t know.

I should probably stick to dog entries.

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