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Tail tale

November 18, 2010 by admin

Niu Niu at the Sculpture Park

Jenny and Natalie, you can skip this entry as you received all the painful details of this already.

Last weekend, Ken and I went for some fresh air and hiking in the bamboo forest of Moganshan.  As soon as we got to the cottage we dropped our bags, changed our clothes and set off for a long hike.  It was a bit cold and drizzly, but perfect weather for a hike where the bamboo keeps you protected.  About 45 minutes into the hike, two villager women came running up behind us and we moved out of the way to let them pass.  They came up to Niu Niu who was a bit in front of us and must have spooked her because she took off like a bat out of hell and poof, she was gone.  We hiked another 20 minutes, calling out her name but nothing.  Ken told me to go back up the trail with Bernie and he would keep heading down and would meet me back at the cottage.  In my panic, I left Bernie’s leash in Ken’s backpack so when we got back to the cottage, where the chickens roam FREELY (see this Chicken post for details), he spotted one immediately and all I saw was a flash of white go by.  After searching for him about 15 minutes I heard a rustle where I realized that while chasing a chicken he went over an 8 foot wall and landed in some bushes behind an old house that was closed off because it had a bad fire some time ago.  I’ll spare you the details of how I had to get him, but I’m talking some Mission Impossible 3 action.  He hurt his leg a bit, but was fine (note to PETA, no chickens were hurt this vacation).  Ken came back to the cottage, but without Niu.  After a short rest we set out again to search the trail but now it was full-on raining and getting dark.  We hiked another hour and a half and after I had a good cry overlooking the tea plantations, we decided it was time to just go back to the cottage.  And if you can believe, when we returned, after 4 hours of her MIA, Niu Niu was waiting at the door.  Can you believe this bitch?!  She is one smart, Chinese dog.  And we were two very happy and sore hikers.

After a nice dinner by the fire and sucking down a bottle of wine, we all slept peacefully.

Note to self: Kids would have been easier.

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