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There’s a tear in my beer

December 5, 2010 by admin

People, wo jue de nan guo  (I feel sad).  This past Saturday Natalie and Jared had their “going away (and leaving Marie) party”. My first, and most likely last, friend in Shanghai is moving back to the States.  They are moving back to Texas, land of the free and home to the brave, where they still shoot first and ask questions later. And if she thinks she’s going to find anyone there like good ‘ol Marie who’s always ready for a martini (noon or otherwise), ladies night at Bell Bar or scooter trips to Anfu Lu to pick up big chickens to roast, it ain’t gonna happen.  No more fighting over the same sweater at the cashmere factory, playing sad board games in Moganshan or making fun of me trying to do headstands in yoga, uh uh.  Lucky for me I’ve got other good friends here like….um, er, well there’s always…no, gosh, eeeek, absolutely no one.  wahhhhhhhhhhh.

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