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And the winner is…

October 26, 2010 by admin

The Award for the “I really am just a loser” of all time, anywhere in the world, since the dark ages goes to Charlie Sheen. Many, many years ago I believe I felt a pang of sorry for him but after the 800th stint in rehab, domestic violence charges, trashing hotel rooms, drugs, hookers, drugs, hookers and all the best booze that your boring-TV-show-with-laugh-track earnings can buy you, he definitely gets the prize.  I would imagine it takes a lot to scare a hooker so when one of them has to lock herself in the bathroom and call security, you’re a freak.

I just had to get that off my chest.  And now in Chinese news…

“A 10-year-old boy miraculously survived a fall ffrom the 20th floor of an apartment building and suffered only slight inuries after landing on the roof of a car….Xiao Xaio fell out of an open window…landed on a Citroen, breaking its roof and back windshield.  His head was cushioned by a pillow on the backseat.”.

“Local animal lovers applauded a new regulation banning animal performances at zoos and wildlife parks while an industry person said it will hurt business.  ‘It should have been issued earlier’, said Wang Ling, a local junior college student. “the animals suffer too much during training’.  The manager of the Shanghai Wildlife Park’s marketing department said, ‘If the performances are canceled, I don’t think visitors will have a good time’.”

Huh, I guess the visitors might just have to watch animals do what animals do at the WILD LIFE PARK!

The Shanghai 2010 Expo ends this week.  In the 6 months since the opening, they exceeded expectations of over 70 million visitors to the park!  70 MILLION!  I think I saw most of them because their tour buses always stop in Xintiandi!  I’m kind of sorry to see it all go.  I won’t mind things quieting down a bit here, I mean to a dull roar is all one could expect in Shanghai, but for millions of Chinese people and other tourists, it was a glimpse into the rest of the world’s culture, livelihood,  inspiration and invention. I, however, will never forget those Belgian fries…and of course my friend Haibao.

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