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Tennis Anyone?

October 16, 2010 by admin

The ATP Shanghai Masters started this week and we went last night to check out a few matches.  Lucky for us the two matches we caught were Nadal vs. Melzer and Federer vs. Seppi.  The Nadal Melzer match was very interesting because it’s very unlikely to see two “lefties” playing each other (Nadal lost).  Federer, God of all things tennis, is like watching a ballet dancer, astonishing strength with so much grace.

But the highlight of the night was watching the chinese ballboys and ballgirls.  They have so much energy and enthusiasm but they must be scared to death being on the same court with Nadal and Federer.  One ballboy got hit in the chest because instead of grabbing for the ball, he went for Federer’s towel first.  The girls look like they’ve never played a sport in their life, totally uncoordinated, flustered and really adorable.  They were so much fun to watch I had to remind myself to keep my eyes on the tennis match.

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