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Red Red Whine

September 21, 2010 by admin

I have a little story to get off my chest and then I’ll let you go.  So Natalie and I are out last night having a bite and some wine.  We went to this expat hipster spot that opened this summer called The Apartment, yes, it’s too cool for school.  We had a really nice time and great service…until the bill came.  We both handed over our credit cards to split the bill.  After much ado they came back and said my card wasn’t working, then after much more ado, they came back and said Natalie’s card wasn’t working and at some point they realized their credit card machine wasn’t working.  We had cash on hand but were about 80 kuai ($11) short of the total.  So if you can believe, they told us that we had to go to the bank, BLOCKS AWAY mind you, and they would send a busboy with us to bring the money back.  Dumb.  It’s just so damn hard being an expat, can you believe the problems we have??!!!

Musing Mandarin is going to be Musing Italian for a few weeks and will be without her laptop glued to her fingertips and will instead have a glass of wine glued to her fingertips.  If I return with enough braincells than I shall wax eloquently on the benefits of Marco Polo’s Eastern travels and the origins of the pasta noodle morphing from the Chinese noodle.

Or maybe not…

Red Dragon at the China Pavilion

New Kittens at the park

The Lupu bridge all lit up

Obligatory Bernie and Niu Niu

And I leave you with our happy blue friend

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