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“MacArthur park is melting…”

September 20, 2010 by admin

“In the dark, all the sweet green icing, flowing dowwwwwn”

That’s the song that was streaming through my brain this morning when I woke up.  It was Donna Summer’s version and the long version at that which is the ONLY version you should ever play.  It’s the one that includes the verse:

“I will drink the wine while it is warm and never let you catch me looking at the sun

ohhhh, and after all the loves of my life, after all the loves of my life, you’ll still be the one”

I DO love that song, but now it’s haunting me in my sleep and I think it’s because I’ve just recently spent so much time at the Expo (green, melting, warm wine…).  Ken and I went back AGAIN, at night, to try and cover some of the Asia/Middle East side of the park.  It’s just so unbelievably big that I really wished I had brought my rollerskates.  There are still so many pavilions we didn’t get to see, so many kebobs and fish soups uneaten, traditional dances unseen and so many water fountains to stare at and wonder if it’s actually safe to drink from them.

Prior to what was probably our last visit to the Expo, we went for a zip on the Scooteretta and just like two dorky expats, we let it run out of ELECTRICITY!  So here we are at some shop getting some juice.

And off we goooooooo

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