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Over the Moon (cake)

September 30, 2009 by admin

During the National Holiday coming up is the Mid-Autumn Festival.   The festival is linked to the mythical Moon Goddess of Immortality.  According to ancient Chinese custom, the Emperor should offer sacrifices to the sun in spring and the moon in autumn.  The Moon Cake has played a big role in the Mid-Autumn festival since the beginning.  And let me tell you, there isn’t a scooter, bike, van or rickshaw not carrying a load of moon cakes this very minute.  They are on sale everywhere and they are packaged in beautifully decorated boxes.   The cakes come in different flavors but are round, dense cakes typically made with lotus flower seed (think fig newton) and yolk (usually from duck eggs and that probably doesn’t make Jenny very happy).   You’re supposed to cut off a piece and eat it with some tea but I ate my first one whole.  Whatever.

Here are the moon cakes Ken and I have received to date.  The biggest box is filled with ice cream moon cakes from Hagen dazs.



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