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He said, she said

September 16, 2010 by admin

Let’s put aside our prejudice, our fears and our stereotypes for a moment, shall we?  Because not all Americans are gun-toting yahoos, not every Italian man is trying to get you in bed and I’m pretty sure there are a few Chinese people that know how to safely operate a vehicle, OKAY?  Yes, French people are rude and the Germans love their order and all Sicilians are in the mafia…oh stop it, you know I’m kidding.  It’s just that you can never get away from these type of things, everybody does it and it’s no different in China.  If you’re from the south you eat rice, if you’re from the north you eat noodles (Shanghainese eat both).  Shanghainese women like to yell while Beijing men like to push.  The most beautiful girls are from Xi’an. Lord.  Is there anyone from the south of China enjoying noodles??  If so, please come forward and help me put this to rest.  And you know what else, real men do drink Jasmine tea.

Anyaustraliansarethebiggestpartierseverhoo, we decided now that the weather has cooled down it was time to visit the Expo at night so off we went.  There are still some lines but they move quickly and it was beautiful to see the pavilions all lit up and  sample all the different foods.  I did have to tell them “mei you on the Mayo” on the Belgian Fries because mamma doesn’t have good experiences with mayo in China and we’ll leave it at that.

Before we get into the pleasant Expo photos, I want to call out the girl wearing these nude hose anklets and bedazzled purple angry shoes because she and her small statured boyfriend managed to MOW us down in line and cut in front of us!! “Better city, Better life” people…

Now, on to the pleasant memories

Entering the Netherlands

Taking a badly needed breather in Holland

Girls having fun in Denmark

The German pavilion had a live band playing…covering a Bob Dylan song

My sweetheart getting us wine by the Italian pavilion

Polish DJs getting ready for upcoming show

Time to go home on the brand new subway line

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