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“Saturday, in the park”

September 11, 2010 by admin

But it wasn’t the 4th of July (and if you know what song that is from then you’re old like me).

So the best place ever for a great day spent outdoors, with your DOGS ironically, happens to be in China.  I mean it, the best place ever.  It’s in Songjiang, 45 minutes from Shanghai and it’s called Shanghai Sculpture Park.  You have to pay for each person and dog to enter (and it ain’t cheap) but it’s worth every penny. The pictures posted on show that there is a man-made lake with a beach where you can swim, yards and yards of manicured lawn and gardens, an art museum, loads of sculptures to admire as well as play on and wonderful restaurants and cafes.  It was raining slightly the day we went so we had the park to ourselves!  There is also a Meridian hotel on the property that I just may be checking into for the rest of my life.

A day of fun, nature, sculpture…and interpretive dance

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