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Seek and you shall find

September 7, 2010 by admin

For me this photo really reflects what it can be like to live in such a big and busy city like Shanghai.  It’s can be so exciting and alive and yet so jarring at the same time (BTW, I actually took this photo at a cool new development going up which houses the Dutch Cultural Center and Gallery at 800 Changde Lu).

For this California native it’s really important to find green areas where I can get some fresh air and exercise for the two beasts whilst enjoying nature and escaping the city for a bit.  This past weekend we did just that and discovered the amazing gardens and bamboo forests of the Sheshan National Forest Park.  There are never-ending pathways wandering through lush trees and foliage, an old, lovely Catholic church perched on a hill (no mother, I did NOT attend mass) and for the kids there is a bamboo amusement park.  There is a small fee to enter the park and they let us bring the dogs in but only because they weren’t too big.  whew!

Entrance to the park

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