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You can’t go home

September 1, 2010 by admin

Well, actually you can.  and I did.  I mean I am.  Oh, what is home anyway??   Home used to be the place where my mom and dad lived until I turned 18 and my mom couldn’t wait for me to GET OUT ALREADY.  Hey, I was the last of 6 kids and you’d feel that way too if you had to raise those first 5! (I just felt 10 collective eyeballs roll back in their head).   But what I mean is, when you’re an expat, where is home?  We’ve been in Shanghai now for a year and it sure feels like home…until we come back to California and see family and then THAT feels like home.  I guess it’s like the song says…”home is where the heart is” or better “where the chips and margaritas are”.

Some fun-in-the-sun California pix

Zuma Beach, Mae and her daddy

The Southern Californian Palms

A family gathering in Newport Harbour

Phoebe and Macy, respectively

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