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What’s going on over there?!

August 13, 2010 by admin

It seems like everyone in America right now has a case of the ANGRYs!

I’m here living in Shanghai where it’s been over 100 degrees with 100% humidity and 19 million people live, work, scooter, eat, spit and tai chi every day.  I don’t speak the language (well, a little), they sneak chicken feet into vegetable dishes and my hairdresser uses his scruffy towel to rub out a big sun spot on my forehead because he thinks it’s hair dye and YOU GUYS ARE ANGRY?!

Goodness.  I’m reading through my morning internet news and you’ve got flight attendants throwing F-bombs over the intercom, Laura Schlessingwhatever throwing N-bombs (and she calls herself a “Doctor”!),  a republican congressional candidate tweets that his opponent is a “turban topper” (?), Whoopi Goldberg fighting with that kooky koo DC couple and don’t even get me started on that  (juicy)  mess called Mel Gibson. He mad.

Let’s all take a moment out to breeeeeathe.   Look on the brightside.  Kiss a dog.  Find the beauty in wrinkles. Hike!  Offer a helping hand.  Give a smile.  Breathe again.  Throw back 6 shots of Patron with a codeine chaser and settle the hell down.   GOT IT??!!!

A few of my peacekeepers…

A drink at Bell bar with Amy

A new, beautiful restaurant that’s filled with art

Browsing cute shops filled with clothes that will only fit tiny Asian girls

And of course…

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