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August 9, 2010 by admin

This orange beauty (with the old bag sitting on it) is our new Scooteretta! She’s beautiful and electric, meaning you just have to plug her into a wall socket every now and then and go, go, go.   It’s so much fun and after having ridden my bike here for the last 10 months, I’m much more comfortable with the street traffic and the (complete lack of) rules.   I love her color, it’s called Arancione and it’s somewhere between Orangina and the coral lipstick my mother had in 1968.

You don’t need a driver’s license for an electric scooter here and thank goodness for that because I would never pass a Chinese driver’s test.  My examiner would be like, “what? why you stop at RED LIGHT?”…”step on gas really hard to beat bus up the freeway ramp!”…”it okay to hit slow people!!!”.

Speaking of driving in China, I don’t think this is what Mr. Mercedes had in mind when he was designing his cars.

A Hello Kitty sticker???  Is the driver under the age of 12?  And what are those troll thingy’s on the center console?

I just really don’t understand these things…although kudos on finding a pink steering wheel cover.

Now back to the Scooteretta…

The Italian loafers are a perfect touch to this really

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