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97 degrees, feels like 107

August 5, 2010 by admin

I can’t decide if these people are simply melting from the heat or crying out in protest at how expensive a piece of Godiva chocolate is in this town.  I was dying for some chocolate the other day but I was too embarrassed to buy just one piece but didn’t have 80 million dollars to buy two!

Speaking of heat, our new little Niu Niu is in HEAT!  She was all set to be spayed this week but she had already begun the process and now they won’t do the surgery for 6 weeks.  THAT is why you’re supposed to spay and neuter no later than 6 months people, don’t get me started on that mess.  I feel like I need to get Niu Niu a chastity belt when we go outside for our walks with those roaming males out there.  And if you can believe, MY Bernie, lover of  interpretive dance, the smell of fresh lavender and long remixes of the Pet Shop Boys (you get the picture) got all crazy-eyed and started humping her like there really was no tomorrow in sight.  Mind you, Niu Niu wasn’t exactly acting like it was a bother.  I told Jenny if this continues I’m buying Bernie some single malt scotch and cigarettes and sending Niu Niu to the nunnery and that’s that!

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