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Katydid or didn’t she?!

August 1, 2010 by admin

Well these Katydids do…and do they ever.  At the park across the street from our house you can hear what must be a huge collection of Katydids “singing” along as each breeze passes by.  When I’m walking the dogs outside their chorus is so loud sometimes I almost can’t hear anything else, which is an amazing feat in this town of constant car horns, rusty bicycle brakes and couples yelling at each other (which is just a normal thing for Shanghainese couples, nothing to be concerned about).   It’s pretty darn hot and humid now, meng ru as they say, but when the sun starts to go down and the evening breeze kicks in it’s the perfect time to put on your summer jammies and go for a stroll and listen to the Katydids sing you a lullaby.

Come on, you KNEW I was going to throw in doggie pictures!

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