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Another ancient language is lost

July 28, 2010 by admin

Long before the days of LOL, LMAO, WTF and :P, there was Pig Latin.  Apparently they aren’t “teaching” it in the 4th grade anymore because kids don’t need to talk to each other to tell secrets, they can text, IM, email or the like.  No longer do you have to hunch over your desk to whisper in your friend’s ear “I atehay athycay” or “obbybay is itchinbay”, you can simply twitter it so the whole world can know.  Last month when Ken’s daughter was visiting, I let a little Pig Latin slip out and she was like, “um, I don’t even get what that is”.   I just shrug my shoulders and try to find some comfort in my blackberry.

And it’s not any different in China.  So you’ll see the recycle man on his 20 year old rusted bike with the rickety trailer on the back and he has an old bronze bell that he rings by hand to let the shops know he’s coming by for a pick up where he then over piles the recyclables on the trailer and ties them together with bamboo string.  And then his cellphone rings…you can’t help but notice because Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is his ringtone.  Maybe it’s his wife calling to let him know “tonight is bunko night with the girls” or  maybe it’s just a buddy telling him to meet him after work for some bai jiu. LOL

And now I’m throwing in some gratuitous doggie pix, WTF???

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