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Enough with this Tiger stuff already!

July 20, 2010 by admin

While the United States is obsessed with Tiger Woods, I do realize that  I have become obsessed with the Chinese Tigers.  To be honest I never thought about them once all those years in Los Angeles.  I was worried about dog- overbreeding, graffiti, water consumption, what age would I start using botox and which restaurant had the best margaritas.   Isn’t that what everybody worries about??

Well, I just have to tell you this latest tiger story from the newspaper and I promise (fingers crossed behind my back) I will not tell another.

So this Chinese father and his 17 yr. old son went on an outing to the zoo as a gift to the son who had just passed his college entrance exams.  Near the tiger exhibit they found an open gate and thought it was a short cut to the exhibit.  It turns out it was an entrance only for the tiger keeper personnel and that a truck had recently entered and they forgot to lock the gate back up.  woops.  And just how do you FORGET to lock a gate that accesses several Siberian tigers???   In the newspaper zoo official’s said there were signs on the gate to not enter but anyone who’s spent 5 seconds in China knows that Chinese people don’t pay attention to signs.   Come on!  Sadly, they were attacked and the father was killed, the son was injured but is doing fine.  The tiger keeper who forgot to close the gate is going to jail for a long time.

And that’s the end to my pretty story.  I know, just like you, I would prefer me to go back to my graffiti obsession…but they don’t have any here.

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