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Let’s hear it for the girl’s

July 19, 2010 by admin

Below is a picture of the ballet flats I had custom made at Giotto in Taikang Lu.  I’ve decided they are so pretty that I could, say, use them as a table centerpiece, they look divine next to any hair coloring and outshine any other pair of shoes you may currently be wearing (see photos below for proof).

And for you Alison, the girl told me that if you want a pair you need to just draw an outline of your foot and measure the widest area at the top part of the foot, around the knuckle area.  They have every color leather imaginable, suede too in black, ivory, beige and red (which is pretty darn cute) and I’m sorry to have to say this but they come in horse hair too.  This is China people (the Japanese probably sold them the skins! ).   Let me know if you want a pair and I’ll get them for you.  Just send me a scan of your foot.

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