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A bun was in the oven

July 20, 2010 by admin

It wasn’t planned and we certainly weren’t expecting it to happen so quickly but Ken and I are now the proud parents of a little (4-legged) girl named Niu Niu!!!!

Her name is pronounced niew niew and means “little girl” or “cow’s milk” or “Vegas Tranny”, I really don’t know because we keep hearing different meanings from everybody!  Her chinese rescuer said it means little girl so we’re sticking with that.  She was found alone at Taihu Lake in the pouring rain and starving.  She’s now about 7 months old.  She’s a bit shy but also very precocious and she and Bernie are already best friends.  So if you thought you were sick of hearing about Bernie, you’ll now be bombarded with two dog stories.

This particular rescue is a collection of kind-hearted, animal-loving human beings who have to defy odds and take in as many strays as they can, get them healthy and find good homes with very little support and even less money.  Bless them and all their good work.  You can find more information and view their gallery of dogs and cats at Jaiya’s Animal Rescue

And here she is….

We think she’s probably a mix of fox, bear, Disney Princess and scallywag.

When the party’s over

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