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I did not need to read this

July 14, 2010 by admin

When you’re a baby the first thing your mother teaches you when you’re playing outside is “do not ever eat anything that looks like a mushroom, you will writhe in pain and then YOU WILL DIE”.  Well, maybe that was just my mother but it’s amazing we ever grow to like them really.  I was just reminded of these words because when the “plum rains” came, these tiny, stalky mushrooms sprouted up all over our backyard.  I would have to go out every morning and pluck them right away because I was afraid Bernie or a stray cat might eat them.  And then I read this story in the Shanghai Daily News yesterday.

Over the last three decades during the rainy season, several villagers scattered around the Yunnan highland’s would die of cardiac arrest.  About 400 villagers in all have died. It had scientists baffled, so they sent in researchers who after much trial and tribulation finally discovered that they had died from eating a poisonous mushroom!  This mushroom is rare and looks just like the non-poisonous mushroom they typically ate. They have warned and educated the villagers on these deadly mushrooms but occasionally someone will mistakenly still eat one.

Oy, so sad.  And just last night I was enjoying the most delicious farfalle ai funghi.

And now from mushrooms to shoes…

I just had the cutest pair of leather ballet flats custom made at this tiny shop Giotto in the Taikang lu (Tianzifang) shopping area.   They have tons of color swatches to choose from and many styles for men and women.  The ballet flats are $50.

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