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I’ve got a fever

July 11, 2010 by admin

World Cup Fever that is and tonight is the FINALS!!!   I haven’t watched all the games but I’ve watched almost all of them and this World Cup has had all the drama, sportsmanship, unsportsmanship, shananigans and rigamoroll (as my mother would say) that only this game can deliver.  The final’s don’t come on until 2:30 in the morning here so we’re setting our alarms for wake-up time, popcorn maker and coffee machine (beer?) so we can watch all the excitement.  As an aside, or offsides if you will, you’d think with all the millions of soccer fans in China they’d have come up with a better time for us to watch, right?!

Anywhatwillidowithmyselfafterworldcuphoo, I am cheering for Spain because I’ve had way too many good times there (Tarifa I love you!) not to.

Peace and may the best team win.

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